Services Overview

With innovative technology, we take your vision and turn it into something tangible. Let us make your next project a reality. With design, fabrication and implementation committed by Tri-State Manufacturing Solutions, your time can be better spent on where you need it most.


Quick Turn 3D Printed fixtures

In the past thirty years, additive manufacturing technologies have advanced dramatically, saving time and cost in testing custom fixtures - ranging from static work holds to robotic end-effectors. Consumable and durable non-production goods such as guides, templates, kits, and dunnage trays are essential to building an agile manufacturing environment.


Ergonomic & Anthropometric Design

Any location where an operator interfaces with production hardware or tooling is an opportunity and a risk.  With our design approach to human interface tooling, we'll mitigate the quality and safety risks and bring out efficiency improvements with custom features.  Every human interface tool can be customized to each task and individual for better ergonomics and increased productivity


Process Ownership

Working with a new vendor can be daunting.  Our process mitigates that risk with upfront assessment and interviews with you and your team to assure the problem or opportunity we're working on is the one you're trying to fix.  The post-implementation report you receive will also demonstrate quantitatively for your team and other management the tangible and financial benefits that this project has brought to your organization.