Our initial assessment includes observation, interview and measurement.  These metrics provide a deeper understanding of the process or tooling that is in need of improvement.  The results of this phase include a detailed proposal and justification for our solution as well as a scaled rendering of any tools, fixtures or parts that may be proposed.  


In-house expertise in process, design and behavioral strategies allow us to provide holistic solutions that incorporate all three standards of excellence: Process, Quality & Safety.  Larger and more complex projects are assisted with our network of local, vetted suppliers.  


Delivery of any necessary upgrades or fixtures is done in person and includes a short training on the use and maintenance of the improved process.  Any safety, wear and replacement recommendations are included along with the delivered part(s) in electronic form.

post assessment

Every project we deliver includes a post assessment which will compare the throughput, repeatability and/or safety metrics from the previous assessment with the installed solution.  These tangible improvements demonstrate value add and cost reduction to your production line.  See below for an example Post Assessment Report.