Why we started

In recent years, the outlook on U.S. Manufacturing has turned optimistic. There has been a resurgence in American manufacturing. After reaching a low point of 11.5 million jobs in 2010, manufacturing employment increased to around 12.3 million in 2016. That still is down from 14.5 million in 2006, but better than the depths of the Great Recession. A large factor of this resurgence is increased efficiency. U.S. workers now are producing approximately 47 percent more than 20 years ago.* Through the development of advanced manufacturing technologies, automation, and the Internet of Things, new and more efficient ways to produce goods have driven this sector to bounce back, along with the overall economy.

Tri-State Manufacturing Solutions was started to turn this optimism into reality, and help U.S. Manufacturers achieve their ambition output goals. We enable our companies that manufacture and assemble goods to take advantage of new technologies, necessary to keep up with the industry. 

*The Brookings Institute


Who we are


Scott Cafasso, MBA

With over 10 year of manufacturing experience from the shop floor to an EH&S Professional and Operations Manager for a assembly business unit in the aerospace industry, Scott brings a depth of knowledge that looks for solutions that impact the entire organization.  


Tim Heald, MBA, BCBA

Lifelong entrepreneur with diversified experience in education, technology, investments, and construction industries.  Tim's business education, Behavior Analytic training, and experiences gives him the skill to add value to both the operator and manager of any process.


Andrew Waite, MSME

Andrew has a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering and 4+ years of aerospace, defense, and industrial engineering and design experience. Hands on experience working for engineering, operations, quality, and sourcing gives Andrew a full circle perspective to solving problems.